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Expand Your Audio/Video System Without Sacrificing Sound Quality
A simple Y-Adapter can open up a whole new world of possibilities. Attach a second amplifier to your CD or DVD player for more power and dynamics in your favorite music. Connect a second subwoofer to your AV receiver for true blockbuster bass from your home theater. The Monster® Ultra-High Performance Audio Y-Adapter makes it easy, while maximizing signal transfer, so your components deliver all the performance you paid for.

Advanced Monster® Construction with High Resolution Bandwidth Balanced® Design Delivers Better Sound
Featuring Bandwidth Balanced® multiple-gauge wire networks, Monster’s advanced Y-Adapter helps ensure smooth, balanced reproduction of the entire audio spectrum. Solid-core center conductors and fine-stranded, high-purity copper windings optimize signal transfer for the best sonic performance.

Patented Monster Turbine® Connectors Provide the Most Reliable Connection
Monster Turbine® connectors feature a heavy-duty, 24k gold-plated ground shell and eight individual contact points. That means your audio signals will be transferred with pinpoint accuracy and your connection won’t vibrate loss. Available in your choice of 1 male to 2 female, or 1 female to 2 male.