Ultra High Performance Audio Y-Adapter MKII

Monster® Ultra-High Performance Audio Y-Adapter lets you attach a second amplifier to your CD or DVD player, connecting a subwoofer or other home theater application. This audio adapter has Bandwidth Balanced® multiple-gauge wire networks and M


2 Males to 1 Female

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This product has been Discontinued

Expand Your Audio/Video System Without Sacrificing Sound Quality
A simple Y-Adapter can open up a whole new world of possibilities. Use this audio adapter to attach a second amplifier to your CD or DVD player for more power and dynamics in your favorite music. Connect a second subwoofer to your AV receiver for blockbuster bass. The Monster® Ultra-High Performance Audio Y-Adapter makes it easy.
High Resolution Bandwidth Balanced® Design Delivers Better Sound
Featuring Bandwidth Balanced® multiple-gauge wire networks, Monster’s advanced Y-Adapter helps ensure smooth, balanced reproduction of the entire audio spectrum. The audio adapter’s solid-core center conductors and fine-stranded, high-purity copper windings optimize signal transfer for the best sonic performance.
Patented Monster Turbine® Connectors Provide the Most Reliable Connection
Monster Turbine® connectors feature a heavy-duty, 24k-gold-plated ground shell and eight individual contact points. That means your audio signals will be transferred with pinpoint accuracy and your connection won’t vibrate loss. The audio adapter is available in your choice of 1 male to 2 female, or 1 female to 2 male.