Ultra HD Platinum 4K Ultra High Speed HDMI with Ethernet

Ultra HD™ Platinum is premium HDMI with Ethernet made for advanced HDTV technology. With a speed rating of 22.5 Gbps, this HDMI Cable is built to handle it all. 4K x 2K video, refresh rates up to 60 Hz, and more.

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This product has been Discontinued


Ultra High Speed
With blazing 22.5 Gbps, this HDMI cable is fast; fast enough to handle all your high-def video with the speed you need.

Connect to the Entertainment You Love
Besides its extremely high bandwidth, Ultra HD™ Platinum is a great choice for the core connections in your home entertainment system. Whatever the world of entertainment dishes out, UltraHD Platinum delivers. Dolby® DTS-HD and 8-14 bit color are covered. And the connectors are built with V-Grip™, a unique design that makes your physical connections sturdier, reducing disconnects and signal loss.

HDMI with Ethernet
This all-in-one HDMI with Ethernet cable can share your Internet connection with multiple devices. No separate Ethernet cable needed.

Cable for Life
Our Cable for Life guarantee means if technology outpaces our Black Platinum HDMI cable, we’ll replace it. Add to that our lifetime warranty and you really can’t lose. Monster Cable is on your side for life.

Available in 4ft and 8ft lengths