Two Gigahertz Low-Loss RF Splitters for TV and Satellite MKII

Precisely split Digital Cable TV and off-air antenna signals to enjoy television in a second room, for high-speed Internet, picture-in-picture TV, or to record one show while viewing another. Its high performance extended bandwidth design and 24k gold cen



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This product has been Discontinued

2 GHz Splitter
Ultra-Low Loss, Extended Bandwidth Coax Signal SeparationEnjoy the convenience and flexibility of accurately separating high-bandwidth TV signals to multiple components. Now you can share a single line for your Cable TV and Internet service or even split over-the air HD (digital TV) antenna signals.

Highest Signal Integrity for the Best Possible Picture
Precise internal impedance matching and 24k gold center contacts maximize signal integrity and picture quality. Available with 1 input and your choice of 2, 3, or 4 outputs.

NOTE: The DB Loss per output is:
TGHZ-2RF 5MHz-1GHz: -3.4dB
1GHz- 2GHz: -4.9dB
TGHZ-3RF 5MHz-1GHz: -5.7dB
1GHz- 2GHz: -8.9dB
TGHZ-4RF 5MHz-1GHz: -7.4dB
1GHz- 2GHz: -9.6dB