Monster Game

Are Monster Cable PS2 Gamelink Cables compatible with PS1?

Yes, these cables are compatible with both game systems.

How do I receive surround sound?

Surround sound is processed through a Audio/Video Receiver that is capable of decoding surround sound. Use of the Fiber Optice Toslink Connector, 100X or PLW100, is neccasary to transfer the surround sound information from your game station to your surround sound receiver.

Are Monster Cable Game Cables an officialy Licensed cable?

No, Monster Cable did not feel the extra money, to license the cables, was a good investment. Monster Cable would rather put more money into the technology of the cables. The consumer ultimately ends up with better performance from their game systems.

What are the lengths of the Gamelink Cables?

All Monster Cable Gamelink Cables are 10 feet long.

How do I receive High Definition from my game station?

Monster Cable Component Video Gamelink Cables will transfer Hi Def signals to your HDTV. Games must be encoded, in HD, in order to receive HD quality picture.

What do I do with the L/R analog audio cables if I am using the Toslink Cable for surround sound?

The L/R audio cables are not necassay to use when using the Toslink Cable for surround sound.