M Series

What are "turbine" connectors?

Monster's unique turbine design allows for maximum contact pressure, contact points and contact mass, all of which are highly important for signal transfer. This design also adds strength and durability. It is often helpful to turn the connector clockwise, to the right, when plugging in or removing the cable.

Does Monster use oxygen-free copper?

Yes. Monster Cable uses extremely high grade, oxygen-free copper to prevent corrosion and maximize conductivity

What is Multi-Twist construction?

Multi-Twist construction is a design where the positive and negative conductors within a cable are tightly twisted together causing any external noise or interference to cancel itself out. This design was originally used by Bell Labs during its infancy to run long lengths of cable throughout the country to cancel out noise.

Why use braided copper and foil shielding?

Braided copper has been proven to the most effective way to repel RFI(radio frequency interference). Foil shielding is the most effective way to shield against EMI(electro- magnetic interference).

Why use gold plated connectors?

We use gold because it doesn't corrode and looks excellent.

What should be the longest length to run my interconnect cables?

We don't advise running your cables any more than thirty feet to prevent significant signal loss. If you are using balanced (XLR or TRS type) it is possible to run cables much longer...