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What is microfiber?

Microfiber is a tightly wound dielectric insulator wrapped around each different group of windings on each conductor. This helps maintain control over the effects of Monster's Bandwidth Balancing design.

What is Time Correct technology?

Monster's way of compensating for something called "Velocity Propagation" or better known as the skin effect. An analog audio signal passing through a copper cable succumbs to this law of physics in which bass frequencies tend to gravitate towards the center of the cable; higher frequencies are forced to the outer portion of the cable. The higher mass bass frequencies create a magnetic field in the center of the cable while traveling through the conductor, which impedes those lower frequencies. This impedance forces those lower frequencies to arrive at their destiny (the speaker or amp) delayed, which causes a mild distortion in the waveform. Monster utilizes multiple gauge windings to help compensate for this distortion. Large, solid-core copper strands in the center for bass frequencies (containing higher mass) and smaller gauges wrapped around the solid core conductor to delay the mid's and high's ensuring that the entire bandwidth of frequencies arrive in uniform.

What is magnetic flux tube?

This is a specially-designed dielectric tube that runs down the middle of a group of different gauge windings. This helps break up the magnetic field generated from the current flowing through the cable's conductors. We wrap the larger solid-core conductors (the culprit of this magnetic field) around this dialectric for maximum affect.

How long can I run my speaker cables?

We recommend that if you run cable lengths in excess of fifty feet, you should use at least 14 gauge, 12 gauge is optimal.