Studio Pro 1000 Speaker Cable

Delivers ultra high-resolution audio signals to speakers in professional audio applications. Bass Control Conductor® and Magnetic Flux Tube® constructions combine for tight, punchy bass and incredible dynamics. Three multi-gauge wire networks enab

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This product has been Discontinued

Three Time Correct® Wire Networks& Bass Control Conductor® DeliversHighly Accurate Sonic Reproduction
Capturing and reproducing every detail—the raw essenceand intricatebeauty of every take—that's the goal. SP1000 speakercable can help you getthere. SP1000 features our most advanced technologiesincluding a heavy-gaugeBass Control Conductor® for tight, punchy bass andincredible dynamics. PatentedTime Correct® windings create phase-aligned signal forthe most natural, pristinesonic reproduction possible. Heavy gauge coppermaximizes power deliveryand dynamic range. So, the next time you record orplayback, SP1000will deliver every note with greater clarity andnatural tonal balance.