Studio Pro 1000 Instrument Cable

Provides Monster's ultimate performance standard, achieving breathtaking accuracy and total transparency. Delivers every nuance of timbre and tonality during performances and major recording sessions by utilizing patented Time Correct® windings, multi

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This product has been Discontinued

Monster's Most Advanced Instrument Cablefor the Clearest, Most Accurate Sound Reproduction
This is it: the reference instrument cable used by topartists, award-winningengineers and producers to deliver every nuance oftimbre and tonality duringperformances and recording sessions. Studio Pro 1000features Monster'stop cable technologies including 3-way BandwidthBalanced® construction,patented MicroFiber® dielectric and Time Correct®multiple gauge high,mid and low frequency wire networks for extremelyaccurate sonic reproduction.When you're ready to capture your music with ultimateclarity, detailand depth're ready for Studio Pro 1000.