StreamCast Bluetooth Module

This Bluetooth Module upgrades ClarityHD™ speakers to receive streaming music with Pure Monster Sound® quality, giving you an incredible, high-performance wireless audio experience. Now you can play all your favorite games, movies, and stream


Bluetooth Module for Monster Docks

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This product has been Discontinued


Turn your Clarity HD™ Model One into a High-Performance Bluetooth Speaker
If you own a Model One Bluetooth Speaker you know the thrill of re-experiencing your music collection in high-def: the thunderous yet precise bass, the crystal-clear highs that re-create the instruments in your room, the lifelike stereo soundstage. Now, with the purchase of a Monster® StreamCast™ Bluetooth Module, you can instantly upgrade your Model Ones to high-definition wireless Bluetooth speakers and control them from any compatible device: your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

All Wireless Is Not created Equal
When you listen on standard Bluetooth, you are hearing a very low-resolution – and less musically enjoyable – sound. Just like pixels on TV, more audio bits mean sharper, clearer, more life-like music. With the StreamCast Bluetooth module, you’ll immediately notice the difference when you play your streaming music, videos and games over StreamCast’s advanced Apt-X and AAC CODECs. The sound is immersive, exciting and emotional.

High-Definition Wireless Is Plug and Play
The StreamCast Bluetooth Module pops into the back of the Model One. A 5-second button-press locks in the signal from your tablet, laptop or smartphone and the LED array immediately tells you when you are listening in high-definition. You control the audio directly from your device from your favorite chair up to 30 feet away. The only difference you’ll notice is the amazing upgrade in sound quality