Stereo Audio 400i Ultra High Performance Audio Cable

Audio for Audiophiles

The stereo audio interconnect that audiophiles trust. Two Time Correct® multiple-gauge wire networks, advanced PEX™ and MicroFiber® insulation, and patented 24k Gold Contact 12-Cut Turb



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Monster® Stereo Audio 400i Ultra High Performance Audio Cable
Ultra-High Performance Audio Interconnect 
To hear all the depth and detail in your favorite DVDs and high-fidelity recordings, step up to an audio interconnect that true home theater enthusiasts and audiophiles trust: Monster® Stereo Audio 400i.
Monster® Patented Technologies 
Monster® 400i maximizes the performance of today’s advanced audio systems. Two Time Correct® multiple-gauge wire networks ensure accurate phase and amplitude signal response, while advanced PEX™ and MicroFiber® insulation maximizes signal integrity. The result: bass notes are deep and tight and transients faster for greater inner detail. Experience pinpoint imaging, wider soundstage, and greater transparency with Monster® 400i.