Prolink® Studio Pro 2000® Pro Audio Microphone Cable

Microphone signals are the most sensitive and delicate audio connections -- even the slightest pickup of hum, static, RF, or electromagnetic interference can wreak havoc. Monster Pro 2000 pro audio microphone cables deliver superb vocal and instrument rep

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Time Correct® Multi-Gauge Wire Networks
Studio Pro 2000 pro audio microphone cable uses three Time Correct® multi-gauge wire networks for extreme accuracy in imaging, depth and soundstage, and it's ultra-quiet and noise-free.

Advanced Technologies
Studio Pro’s goal is to capture and reproduce every detail—the raw essence and intricate beauty of each take. Studio Pro 2000’s advanced technologies include a heavy-gauge Bass Control Conductor® for tight, punchy bass and incredible dynamics. Patented Time Correct® windings create phase-aligned signal for the most natural, pristine sonic reproduction possible. Heavy gauge copper maximizes power delivery and dynamic range.

Lifetime Warranty
Monster set the standard with the Original Lifetime Cable Warranty. Studio Pro 2000 pro audio microphone cable is covered by our 100% replacement guarantee, so you’ll be a Monster for Life!
Time Correct® Multi-Gauge wire networks for extreme accuracy
Carbon-infused polymer minimizes handling and vibration noise
Custom Monster® XLR connections with 24k gold contacts
MultiTwist™ construction with 95% copper braided shielding 
MicroFiber® dielectric preserves highs and improves transients
Lifetime Cable Warranty