Prolink Monster Bass Pro Audio Instrument Cable

This high-performance bass guitar cable is designed for more power, definition and punch. Monster Bass delivers maximum low-frequency extension and more articulate and defined bass response. This instrument cable is tune

$29.95 $34.95 MSRP

8 in. angled 1/4 plugs

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This product has been Discontinued

Incredible Bass
Single heavy-gauge bass conductor delivers maximum low-frequency signal and taut, articulate bass, all without annoying buzzes and hums. And because bass parts can get lost, Monster Bass® pro audio cable enables quick transients and wide dynamic range by using solid core conductors, MicroFiber® dielectric and multi-gauge wire networks. 
Lifetime Warranty
Monster set the standard with the Original Lifetime Cable Warranty. Monster Bass pro audio instrument cable is covered by our 100% replacement guarantee, so you’ll be a Monster for Life!
Maximum low-frequency extension and articulate bass response
Enables faster transients and greater clarity 
Duraflex® Protective jacket  
Durable connector design featuring collet strain relief
Durable, easy-grab barrel design
Ultra dense shielding
Carbon-Infused polymer minimizes handling and vibration noise
Lifetime Cable Warranty