Prolink® Monster Acoustic® Pro Audio Angled Instrument Cable

Monster Acoustic delivers rich and accurate reproduction for acoustic and hollow-body instruments, while Bandwidth Balanced® construction phase-aligns your signal for a more natural reproduction of the full frequency range found in acoustic and hollow

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8 in.

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This product has been Discontinued

Advanced Technologies
Monster Acoustic Pro Audio is a high-performance, acoustic-specific instrument cable designed for rich, accurate reproduction without frequency and phase distortions. Patented Time Correct windings reject interference, and MicroFiber dielectric enables fast transients and incredible warmth. 
Lifetime Warranty
Monster set the standard with the Original Lifetime Cable Warranty. Monster Acoustic Pro Audio instrument cable is covered by our 100% replacement guarantee so you’ll be a Monster for Life!
Multiple gauge high and low frequency wire networks for accurate imaging
Time Correct® windings for precise sound reproduction
Custom Monster® connectors with 24k gold contacts
Durable connector design featuring collet strain relief
Duraflex® protective jacket 
Carbon-infused polymer minimizes handling noise
95% copper braided shield
MicroFiber® dielectric preserves highs and improves transients
Lifetime Cable Warranty