PRO 600 Rack Mountable PowerCenter

PRO 600 PowerCenter™ power protection solution delivers superior component operation, the highest-audio quality, and fireproof MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) technology for the safety of your equipment and in

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Pro 600 Rack PowerCenter

This product has been Discontinued


 Let Your Instruments Play Dirty, Not Your Components

The PRO 600 PowerCenter is ideal for high-quality performance environments and studios where top power protection is a must. The filter, optimized for analog audio equipment, provides solid AC power line noise rejection of analog gear from components for improved component generated noise rejection, leaving you with more natural tone, increased dynamic range and reduces the "dirty" AC-induced gremlins that would otherwise interfere with the way you and your gear perform. 
Protect Your Music Gear from Harmful Surges and Maximize Sonic Performance
The PRO 600 is equipped with Monster's fast acting, high-capacity 1080 Joule, Multiple SurgeGuard® and Dual-Mode Plus™ Protection Circuitry, which instantly detects any voltage surge or spike and immediately suppresses it before it can reach your gear.
For additional safety, the PRO 600 features ceramic-encased MOVs for superior fire protection. Unlike plastic-coated MOVs used in most surge protectors, the ceramic enclosure reduces the risk of fire in your home.
Rugged Durability Delivers Every Time
With its reinforced ABS and cast metal exterior, the PRO 600 is rugged, road-ready and built to deliver clean, safe power no matter where your music takes you. The 3-prong plug, which features 24-karat gold contacts for maximum, instantaneous power transfer, can be snapped onto the power cord when you are ready to pick up and go.