PowerDryer AC Power Cord for Electric Dryers

High current capacity power cord provides maximum power transfer, reliability and safety for electric dryers. Features a PowerFlow™ indicator light to identify power/appliance problems and a heavy-duty Duraflex jacket to resist tearing and corrosive


6ft., 220v, 30 Amp 4 Prong, Round Co

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This product has been Discontinued

Not all Electric Dryer Power Cordsare Created Equal
One of the last things most people think aboutwhen selecting an electric dryer is also oneof the most crucial: the power cord. While electricdryers have changed considerably over the years,the power cords that feed power to themhave stayed the same. Until now.

Introducing Monster’s PowerDryer™ Power Cord: Designed for High CurrentPower Transfer, Convenience & Durability
Clothes dryers draw power. Loads of power.Constructed with large-gauge conductorscomposed of high-purity, fine copper strands,Monster PowerDryer cords efficiently transferall the current your power-hungry dryer needs.

Monster Duraflex™ Jacketing forGreater Flexibility and Reliability
When was the last time you looked closelyat your electric dryer’s power cord? Consideringmost are tucked away behind the appliance, you’dbe hard-pressed to tell if it has been torn, damagedor become loose. With years of lint build-up,detergent, chlorine spills (and worse) lurking behindyour dryer, you’ll appreciate the peace of mindyou get with the protection of a high-qualityMonster PowerDryer power cord.
Monster surrounds the PowerDryer power cord with heavy-dutyconductors in ultra-flexible, kink and tear-resistantDuraflex material. Snags or rips that can exposedangerous, live high-voltage electrical conductorsare minimized. The Duraflex jacket is also designedto resist a wide variety of corrosive chemicals commonlyfound in laundry areas.

When Your Dryer Stops Working, Monster’sExclusive PowerFlow™ Diagnostic IndicatorHelps You Troubleshoot the Problem
When a major appliance stops working, the firstthing most people do is scratch their headsand wonder “Is it the appliance, or the power?”One glance at the PowerFlow Indicator and you’llknow if it’s time to check the circuit breaker or calla repair technician. If the light is glowing, you knowthe outlet is “live” and the problem lies with yourdryer. If there is no light, check the circuit breakeror call an electrician. It’s that easy and convenient.

Monsterous 24k Gold Contact Connections:Essential in a Highly Corrosive Environment
Everyone knows that common brass tarnishesover time. Not so with Monster’s 24k gold contactconnections. Gold contacts optimize powertransfer while resisting corrosion that the laundryroom environment may cause.

Dual-Pvoint Strain Relief Stopsthe Tension that Can Damage Your Cord
Monster’s StressGuard ™ strain relief designedinto the heavy-duty injection molded plug reducesharmful stress when pulled. The metal strain reliefincluded in the PowerDryer kit keeps the dryer-sideconnections from coming loose when the cordis jostled – like when cleaning lint build-up.A special plating resists corrosion as well.Get Monster PowerDryer power cord – a qualityconnection for today’s quality appliances.