Performer 500 Speaker Cable

High performance cable uses Time Correct Windings® and advanced cable construction to deliver an accurate signal with deeper bass and wider dynamic range for amp head/speaker combinations and other sound reinforcement applications. Increased conductor



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This product has been Discontinued

Monster Technologies Capture theEnergy and Dynamics of Every Performanceso the Crowd Hears You at Your Best
Unlike ordinary speaker wire, Monster® usesinnovative technologies to phasealign signals and reduce distortion, delivering a moremusically accurate signalwith wider dynamic range and deeper bass. And, becausethere's more copper,*P500 transfers all of the amplifier's power to yourspeakers for punch and clarity,while tight, twisted-pair construction helps eliminatehum. Available with 24k goldcontact 1/4" plug, professional dual bananas, orNeutrik® Speak-On® for a reliable,high integrity connection. So, next time you hit thestage, with P500 speaker cableyou know you're giving ‘em all you got.

* Compared to ordinary thin-gaugespeaker wire