Performer 500 Microphone Cable

Delivers excellent vocal and instrument reproduction and represents Monster's price/performance "Best Buy" for recording and performing artists. Multi-gauge wire networks and specialized dielectrics provide natural sound and broad frequency response, brin

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This product has been Discontinued

High Performance Microphone CableDelivers the Natural Sound of Vocals and Rich,Vibrant Harmonics of Miked Instruments
If you want your performance to reallystand out, you need the right microphonecable to help you cut through the mix& the crowd. P500 with patented Monstertechnologies bring out the wide opensound, the richness in vocals and thevibrant harmonic overtones of anymiked instrument. An extra-denseshield reduces interference and hum,and heavy-duty Neutrik® XLRconnectors with gold-plated contactsand strain relief ensure a strong,reliable, high integrity connection.Grab a P500 mic cable todayand let ‘em hear you shine.