Performer 600 Pro Audio Speaker Cable with Speak-On Connectors

Performer 600 Pro Audio Speaker Cable is high-performance cable that uses Time Correct Windings® and advanced cable construction to deliver an accurate signal with deeper bass and wider dynamic range for amp head/speaker combinations and ot

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This product has been Discontinued


Superior Sound, Superior Pro Audio Features

Performer 600 Pro Audio Speaker Cable has enhanced low-end punch and clarity, wider dynamic range, and Magnetic Flux Tube® for more natural sound. Special Time Correct® windings offer more accurate music reproduction, and Monster used more copper for better power transfer. Monster’s exclusive extra-flexible Duraflex® outer jacket offers superior reliability and cut resistance. This is pro audio speaker cable you can trust.


Monster's world-renowned reputation as a manufacturer of high performance audio products started with speaker cable over thirty years ago. Monster’s speaker cable is your assurance of absolute maximum fidelity and power transfer.