Monster® SuperThin™ High Speed Micro HDMI Cable

With High Speed performance, maximum convenience and stylish form all in one, the Monster Cable SuperThin for HDMI® Micro-D to Standard is the obvious choice for the best connection. This Micro HDMI cable transfers Full HD 1080p picture and surround s

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This product has been Discontinued

Get Connected with Monster Cable
With Monster SuperThin for HDMI High Speed Micro-D to Standard, you’re getting a micro HDMI cable that provides the best connection. With SuperThin for HDMI, you’ll see, hear and feel the difference when you view your photos, videos, and movies in Full 1080p high definition, and hear them in stunning surround sound. 
Fast. Very Fast.
View pictures and video from digital cameras, camcorders, and tablets on your TV and computer monitors at high speed (10.2 Gbps) or transfer 1080p HD video and audio from Blu-ray players, game consoles and DVRs to your HDTV at high speed. This micro HDMI cable is fast.
Easy to Manage
SuperThin for HDMI is 55% thinner than comparable 10.2 Gbps cables, is easy to manage, remains flat under carpeting, and runs along walls unobtrusively. Better still, it bends at near right angles for easy connections in tight spaces.
Integrated Circuit Powers SuperThin for HDMI at High Speed
An integrated circuit*  means multimedia data streams are passed at the same High speed rating of 10.2 Gbps as cables with twice its diameter. And its blue LED continuously indicates HDMI signal status, so you can connect with confidence
Ideal for Image Capture and Playback
This is the only way to reproduce all the colors your camera and camcorder can capture on your HDTV. It’s great for 24-bit color DSLRs because it passes over 24.7 million colors for smoothest gradation of colors.
*The integrated circuit is available on the 1m and 2m length cables only.