Monster StudioLink Interconnect

High performance interconnect designed for multi-purpose home- and pro-audio applications. StudioLink Interconnect's Bandwidth Balanced conductors and low-loss dielectric ensure precise imaging and extended frequency response, making it perfect for

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2 m. - RCA to 1/4

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Multiple-Gauge High and Low FrequencyWire Networks for Accurate Music Reproduction
The cables connecting your studio components can be the weakest linkin your signal chain.Monster Studiolink™ is designed to meet the critical demandsof the studio environment. Two multiple-gauge Bandwidth Balanced®wire networks preserve clarity and presence, and patented Time Correct®windings provide a phase-accurate, open soundstage with precise imaging, tight bass and smoothhighs. Studiolink's durable jacket is ultra-flexible for use in tight spots and holdsup after years of use. High quality, 24k gold contact RCAs, 1/4"plugs or Neutrik®XLR connectors provide optimal signal transfer in several configurations.Grab a Studiolink cable today and discover a high performance connection.