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Genius Loves Company - Music Superdi

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The First Winner of “Best Surround Mix” Grammy

Genius Loves Company is great in stereo but it’s incredible in surround sound, The music opens up and the dynamic among the artists is more transparent, more alive. You hear Billy Preston’s Hammond B3 in its own channel. There is an eighty-piece orchestra, a gospel choir and a horn section. In surround sound you can hear each instrument. Because there is more space in a surround field, you can hear the trumpet and the trombone separately-with each instrument occupying its own space in stereo it’s all pressed together. In surround sound it’s larger-than-life. Genius Loves Company won eight Grammy Awards, joining the rarefied company of Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Santana’s Superstition. It is the first winner of the “Best Surround Mix” Grammy, and it’s easy to understand why. In surround Sound you hear more character and passion. It allows you to explore the relationships between the artists. You really feel like you are in the company of Ray Charles. This SuperDisc also includes the original stereo recording for your CD player.

Ray and Company

Genious loves company, especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon in a sweltering hot summer. With the tapes rolling as slow as a country road in Louisiana, Ray Charles hosted a gathering of blues, soul, roots, rock, and country. The company included B.B. King, Willie Nelson, Norah Joes, Diana Krall, Van Morrison, James Taylor, Michael Mcdonald, Johnny Mathis, Gladys Knight, Elton John, Bonnie Raitt, and Natalie Cole. How is that even possible? That says something about Ray Charles, not only were they all honored, and perhaps a bit reluctant and overwhelmed, but Ray had such a natural vibe and togetherness with all of them. “We could have used nine different studios and sent tapes back and forth,” says John Burk, “But just being around Ray, you understand how his presence inspires everyone around him, especially other musicians.”

More About Monster Superdiscs

SuperDisc plays music in High Definition Surround™ (HDS™) and works with any DVD player. Every SuperDisc recording has been carefully remixed and remastered to bring out the best performance possible from today’s home theater and car stereo systems. You’ll hear more clarity, punch, dynamics and vocal presence than the regular CD. SuperDisc also includes high definition digital music files. Encoded directly from the master recordings at the highest resolution possible these digital music •les will sound better than if you “ripped” the music from the CD yourself.

Monster Music Delivers A Surround Experience Even When You Don't Have A Surround Sound System.
Also included on your SuperDisc are digital music files specially encoded in Dolby® Headphone surround. This new technology makes it possible to get a virtual surround sound experience from ANY pair of headphones on any portable music player, including Apple® iPod®.

THX™ Certified
Audio quality, multiple surround mixes—even the digital music files have been THX certified for high-quality sound.

What Else is on the Disc?
• Home Theater Performance Tips: Get the best performance possible.
• THX Optimizer: Easy calibration for your system.

Tech Notes
• Superdiscs are not DVD Audio discs, they are compatible with any DVD player.
• Surround audio encoded in Dolby Digital (448kbps) and DTS 96/24 (1.5Mbps)
• Digital Music Files: WMA (192Kbps), AAC (320Kbps),