Monster Mobile® SuperThin™ Micro HDMI - High Speed

SuperThin® Micro for HDMI® is the all-in-one connection for high definition audio and video. See high definition pictures and movies from your tablet or smartphone on your big screen TV. SuperThin Micro for HDMI is 20% thinne

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8 ft.

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Reproduces All the Photographic Detail Today's Portable Devices Capture
Today's tablet computers and smartphones take ultra lifelike photos at ever increasing megapixel resolutions. Monster SuperThin™ Micro HDMI cables deliver all the bandwidth you need to view them on your HDTV with 24-bit color for maximum color accuracy and the smoothest color gradations conceivable.

Ultra-Flexible for Easy Hookup and Storage
SuperThin Micro HDMI is designed for portability and easily fits in any laptop or camera bag. Because it’s over 65% thinner than standard cables, SuperThin Micro bends easily for connections in tight spaces.

High Speed for HD Video and Audio
While most portable devices today shoot HD video at 720p, SuperThin Micro HDMI cables already support Full HD video at 1080p as well. Some smartphone cameras now include 1080p resolution and more are on the way, and the SuperThin Micro HDMI cables you buy today will still deliver tomorrow's memories in the same HD or Full HD you shot them in.

Fast Charging to Keep You Connected On the Go
SuperThin Micro HDMI is ideal for rapid charging of all your HDMI-compatible portable devices like MP3 players, smartphones, and more. It charges up to 20% faster than standard HDMI so you're powered up and ready to go when you need it.