Monster Mobile PowerPlug USB 600 Car Charger

Charge your portable devices faster* with the PowerPlug™ USB 600. It connects to your car’s 12V cigarette lighter/power outlet and lets you charge any USB device. 10 watts of heavy-duty power means quicker charging—great for those pow

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1 USB 2.1A

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This product has been Discontinued


 Compatible with Portable Devices

Most Android and iOS devices charge via USB. Simply use a USB cable to plug into this car charger and pump your gadgets full of juice. Smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, music players, Bluetooth headsets/accessories, and more will be ready to use in minutes. 
Charge It Fast with Heavy-Duty Power
Tire blowout? Engine failure? When making a call matters, you need the battery to get it done ASAP. The PowerPlug™ USB 600 Car Charger does just that thanks to 10 watts of heavy-duty power for even your most power-hungry devices. 
Ultra-Low Profile
Unlike other chargers that stick out of your car’s lighter/power outlet and threaten to knock over your coffee mug, PowerPlug™ USB 600 is extremely low-profile, integrating more elegantly into your car’s interior
Convenience and Safety on the Go
The Monster PowerPlug™ USB 600's power status LED handily indicates when you have power. Devices are safeguarded by SmartFuse™ power protection, including a circuit breaker and current limiter to maximize safety and product longevity.
*Some devices may limit charging speed.