Monster Keyboard™ Cable

Monster Keyboard is designed to bring out the true sound of digital and analog keyboards, maintaining phase integrity while delivering crisp details and harmonics thanks to a special helical-bundled conductor, impedance matched construction and MicroFiber



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This product has been Discontinued

Exclusive SingleHelix™ Construction with Dense Shielding for Lower Noise and Rich, More Natural Dimension to Electronic Keyboard Sounds
A million sounds.A million sonicpossibilities. That's the beauty of theelectronic keyboard.Yet, some of thisbeauty can get lost... ordinary wirecan promote unwanted interferenceand a thinner, more one dimensionalsound. Monster Keyboard featuresadvanced technologies includinglow-noise SingleHelix™ constuction,and MicroFiber® dielectric whichdelivers a full rich tonal quality andmaintains the phase integrity andfrequency balance of your keyboard'ssignal — even over long lengths.Get Monster Keyboard andunleash the possibilities.