Monster Jazz™ Instrument Cable

High-performance, application-specific instrument cable designed to deliver precise tonality, quick transients and vivid harmonics for jazz musicians. Patented Time Correct® windings provide extended bandwidth and dynamic range. Exclusive Multi-Twist&

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This product has been Discontinued

Dual Bandwidth Balanced® PrecisionWire Networks Reproduce the NaturalTimbre & Complex Tonality of Your Instrument
As a jazz musician, your sound is your soul. That’s why we created MonsterJazz. It’s engineered to ensure that all your instrument’s warmth, presence,and full-bodied overtones are precisely reproduced. Patented Time Correct®windings provide extended bandwidth and dynamic range. Exclusive Multi-Twist™construction rejects noise and hum, Heavy-duty 24k gold contacts with strainrelief ensure a reliable, high integrity connection year after year. Plug inMonster Jazz today and feel the difference.