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Monster HDTV Essentials Kit
The Monster HDTV Essentials Kit contains everything you need to connect, protect, clean, and tune your HDTV. It includes two HDMI™ cables, a PowerCenter™ for advanced surge protection, scr


Ultimate Performance Bundle

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Everything You Need for the Best HDTV Experience
Maximize your HDTV performance and protect your investment with the Monster HDTV Essentials Kit. It includes two Monster® for HDMI™ 700 HD cables, a Monster Powercenter, Monster ScreenClean™ LCD Display Cleaner, and the ISF™ HDTV Calibration Wizard.

HDMI: The All-in-One Connection for High Definition Video and Audio
Monster's high speed cable for HDMI delivers crisp pictures, smooth motion, vibrant color, and incredible state-of-the-art lossless surround sound. The Monster for HDMI 700 HD cable features high-density triple-layer shielding for maximum noise rejection, corrosion resistant 24 gold contacts, and a Duraflex® protective jacket for flexibility and easy routing. Two 2-meter HDMI cables are included with the kit.

Protect Your Investment in Home Theater from Dangerous Power Surges and Spikes and Maximize Performance
The Monster Powercenter features exclusive Dual Mode Plus™ auto-disconnect circuitry to protect your equipment from even the most powerful surges. Monster's patented Clean Power® filters out interference to deliver the best performance your HDTV is capable of.

Keep Your Screen Clean for the Best View
Monster ScreenClean LCD Display Cleaner safely cleans dirt, dust, fingerprints, and smudges from your HDTV's screen. The alcohol- and ammonia-free formula is specially designed for cleaning LCDs without harming delicate screen coatings. The kit includes two 45 mL bottles of ScreenClean and one 6" x 6" ultra-soft microfiber cloth.

The Easy, Affordable Way to Adjust Your HDTV for Perfect Color and Clarity
Calibrate your HDTV with techniques developed by the Imaging Science Foundation. The Monster/ISF HDTV Calibration Wizard DVD is the fastest and easiest way to bring out the best in your HDTV. In minutes, you’ll learn how to optimize your TV’s display levels for maximum HDTV performance, so you always get the richest blacks, most natural color and absolute sharpest picture.