MonsterĀ® HDMI Cable - No Frills

*Ships in a Poly-Bag*

It's simple, this all-in-one digital video and audio cable connects your components with fewer cables and less clutter. It's easy, we made this Monster HDMI Cable to be plug-and-play so you can connect it wi

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High-Speed 7ft HDMI Promo Cable

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This product has been Discontinued


*Ships in a Poly-Bag*

Monster has made it simple to connect any of your HDMI components with one easy cable and get High Performance audio and video for your home theater system. No more cable confusion and clutter while trying to read manuals to figure out how to get the most out of your TV. It features advanced connector and cable construction that optimizes the digital signal transfer for the sharp picture and the rich, accurate color you expect from all your high definition components. It also delivers pure digital surround sound that completely envelops you in crystal clear audio for an incredible movie, music, and game experience. And it comes with a 100% Lifetime replacement guarantee. Just hook it up and start enjoying!

*Ships in a Poly-Bag*