Monster® Gold Advanced High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet

Speed rated at 17.5 Gbps, Ultra HD™ Gold is perfectly crafted for today’s standard 1080P Hi-Def TV’s. There’s plenty of bandwidth to connect all of your home entertainment devices and have them working at peak performance.

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This product has been Discontinued

Ultra HD™ Gold serves as a high speed digital backbone for systems that include all brands of Media Players, Cable and Satellite Boxes,Laptop and Desktop sources, Game Consoles and more.
The cable supports 1080P, 3D,and 8-12 bit color for lifelike color transitions and ultimate realism.

How about a warranty?
The Monsters Live Forever lifetime warranty is included.

• Ultra High Speed 18.0 Gbps
• V-Grip™ construction for solid, durable connections
• 7.1 channels of Doby® DTS-HD audio
• 30-60 Hz refresh rate
• 24K Gold Contacts
• Almost Indestructible Duraflex® Jacket.