Monster 300 PowerFlex Power & Ground Cable

Advanced performance power cable for easy amplifier connection. Featuring high-purity copper stranding and a Duraflex® protective jacket plus the patented Magnetic Flux Tube® for increased current transfer.

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Maximize Power Delivery to your Amplifiers for Incredible Sound from your Favorite Music, Movies and Video Games
Mobile entertainment components, especially amplifiers, demand increased power that varies with the dynamics of the sound. Delivering optimal power without distortion and with minimal loss is vital to performance - especially in multi-amp and subwoofer systems. Featuring patented Magnetic Flux Tube® technology, Monster 300 Series PowerFlex Power and Ground Cables maximize power transfer to your amplifiers for imporved sound quality with tighter bass response and increaed dynamic range. High-purity copper and special winding configurations further optimize amplifier performance by reducing noise pickup so all you hear is the sound of entertainment.