Monster Silver Ultra High Performance Stereo Audio Cable

Monster's Best Selling Interconnect is ideal for Music and Home Theater

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This product has been Discontinued

Features include:
- Patented 24k gold contact 12-cut Turbine® connectors for enhanced signal transfer and corrosion resistance.
- Split-Tip™ center pin for maximum contact pressure and ultra-low signal distortion.
- Striking black chrome finish complements the look of your home theater.
- MicroFiber ® dielectric insulation precision wound around select conductors for faster transients and superior noise rejection.
- Dual solid-core center conductors for deep, tight bass and smooth, natural midrange.
- PEX ™ dielectric for lower intertransient noise and greater clarity.
- Two-way Time Correct® multi-gauge wire networks separately guide high and low frequencies for accurate phase.
- Duraflex® protective jacket flexible for easy routing and installation.
- 100% aluminized Mylar® foil shield rejects EM and RF interference that causes buzz and hum.