Monster Silver High Performance Subwoofer Cable

This high-performance subwoofer cable for powered subs provides deep, articulate bass. Hook up to your receiver or subwoofer and feel the music, and the action.

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Today’s Dolby® Digital and DTS® soundtracks feature a dedicated low-frequency effects (LFE) channel for blockbuster bass from your favorite movies. Accurately producing LFE signals requires a dedicated subwoofer bass speaker and specially designed subwoofer cable. Dedicated subwoofer cables feature large-gauge conductors and added shielding for enhanced power-handling and rejection of buzzes and hums. Great for music, movies, and games, Monster’s 400SW2-12 Silver 12-foot subwoofer cables are some of the best subwoofer cables available, immersing you in the onscreen action with deep, realistic bass, improved noise rejection, and precision low-frequency signal transfer. For the best in performance and value, Monster included all its best cable technology here, including:


  • Patented 24k Gold Contact 6-Cut Turbine® Connectors for enhanced signal transfer and corrosion resistance
  • Split-Tip™ Center Pin offers maximum contact pressure and ultra-low signal distortion
  • Attractive Satin Silver Finish for lasting style and durability
  • Color-coded for easy, error-free hookup
  • Solid-Core Bass Conductor optimizes low-frequency signal transfer for improved bass response
  • Balanced Conductors improve internal noise rejection for clearer, deeper bass
  • Dual-Layer Shielding with 100% foil shield plus copper braid means better noise rejection and hum than other subwoofer cables
  • Duraflex® Protective Jacket is flexible for easy routing and installation. It’s also resistant to temperature extremes and abrasions
  • Directional Arrow indicates direction of signal flow. Cable shield grounded at source so induced noise doesn’t travel forward
  • Comes with Monster’s Live Forever® Limited Warranty for defects or malfunctions in a new Monster product from authorized dealer