Monster Mobile PowerPlug Dual USB 700 Car Charger

Charge two at a time in the car thanks to dual USBs.

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This product has been Discontinued

Charge your portable devices faster* with the PowerPlug™ Dual USB 700. It connects to your car’s 12V cigarette lighter/power outlet and lets you charge almost any two USB devices at once. 10 watts of heavy-duty power means quicker charging&
Charge Two at a Time to Save Time
That’s right, conveniently charge two USB devices from one car lighter/plug with the low-profile PowerPlug™ Dual USB 700. That means you and your road-trip buddy will never have to compete for charging rights again. 
Compatible with Portable Devices
Most devices charge via USB. Simply use your USB cable to plug into this car charger and pump your gadgets full of juice. Smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, music players, Bluetooth headsets/accessories, and more will be ready to use in minutes. 
Charge It Fast with Heavy-Duty Power
Tire blowout? Engine failure? When making a call matters, you need the battery to get it done asap. The PowerPlug™ Dual USB 700 Car Charger does just that thanks to 10 watts of heavy-duty power for even the most power-hungry devices. 
Ultra-Low Profile
Unlike other chargers that stick out of your car’s lighter/power outlet and threaten to knock over your coffee mug, PowerPlug™ Dual USB 700 is extremely low-profile, integrating more elegantly into your car’s interior.
Convenience and Safety on the Go
The Monster PowerPlug™ Dual USB 700's power-status LED handily indicates when you have power. Devices are safeguarded by SmartFuse™ power protection, including a circuit breaker and current limiter to maximize safety and product longevity.
*Some devices may limit charging speed.