Essentials High Performance High Speed VGA Monitor Cable

VGA cable (Video Graphic Array) delivers the best possible picture to the largest monitors, projector, and HDTVs. Monster VGA cable construction takes it a step further by maximizing the video signal transfer. Your life deserves a great picture. Get it

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16 ft.

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VGA Cable: The "Go To" Connection
These days, you want to connect your laptop, desktop, or media computer to different kinds of displays: desktop monitors, HDTVs, and meeting room projectors. The problem is, there may not be an HDMI™ connection you can hook up to. The best choice when HDMI isn’t an option is VGA cable.

Monster VGA Cables Deliver the Best Possible Picture
Monster High Performance VGA Cables are engineered to deliver the best possible picture to the largest PC monitors, projectors, and HDTVs. Advanced Monster® cable construction helps maximize signal transfer, so your movies, games, and presentations maintain their true color with razor sharp clarity. 

Signature Monster Features
High-density triple-layer shielding gives these VGA cables superior rejection of EM and RF interference. Low-loss nitrogen gas-injected dielectric maximizes signal strength, even when cable is bent. And 24k gold contacts maximize signal transfer and corrosion resistance.
Finally, an ultra-flexible, Duraflex® protective jacket means easy routing and installation in tight spaces.

Long Length for Convenience
Best of all, the extra-long 16-foot VGA cable gives you the freedom to make long connections for easy hookup in your home theater, home office, or large meeting rooms.