Stacey Dee Los Angeles

The prominent punk rock star born and raised in San Francisco began her reign of glory with her first band The Angry Amputees. In their first year as a band, The Angry Amputees won best punk band of San Francisco in the Bay Area Weekly Awards (Bammies) in 2001 with Dee fronting the band.

Shortly thereafter, The Angry Amputees joined the Van’s Warped Tour. They were also featured on Tony Hawk’s Underground Video Game, where Stacey Dee was the only female singer on the MTV award-winning soundtrack. After a stint in London fronting Park Royal, Stacey landed in LA and played with acoustic luminaries Frank Turner, Chuck Ragan and Drag the River. Stacey continues to sing and write music for so many well-known Los Angeles underground Hip-Hop artists that she often says, “I don’t even remember that I sang that until the record comes out and someone reminds me”. Stacey is also working on A Punk Rock Musical with Fat Mike from the very well known punk band NOFX. She’s currently helming a new all girl punk band called Bad Cop / Bad Cop, and The City. Also, look for her playing “Vicky”, a hard rock bass player, in the Indie film Speed Dragon.

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Stacey Dee