Scott Ian Los Angeles, CA

Scott is the co-founder and rhythm guitar player of Anthrax. Scott, with Anthrax, helped create thrash metal in the early 80's. They have sold over ten million records worldwide, have multiple Gold and Platinum records, have been nominated for a Grammy four times, and have toured the world since 1984 on over eighty tours.

Scott had the idea to cover Public Enemy's Bring The Noise back in 1990. Chuck D and Flava Flav were featured and the two bands toured the world together kicking the asses of expectations and stereotypes. Scott takes no credit good or bad for any musical genre that came after. Scott and Anthrax have been playing shows as part of the Big 4 alongside Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth - he had the highlight of his career in Anthrax when The Big 4 played Yankee Stadium in NYC in 2011. That day was also officially proclaimed Anthrax Day in the Bronx. Suck that everyone in high school! He’s also hosted VHI’s Rock Show, written for DC Comics and is currently promoting the band’s tenth studio album, Worship Music.

"Monster has always been the best, I know where to look if I need something that lasts and sounds awesome forever."

Scott Ian