Ro James New York, NY

Ronnie James is one to watch. Known by close friends as “Ro James”, he began his love affair with music as a young child in the pews of his father’s church. It was there he was surrounded by music that meant as much to hear as to sing and quickly developed a connection with melodies that have since refused to go unnoticed.

Despite comparisions to legends like Donny Hathaway and Jodeci, Ronnie has a style all his own. His first single, a cover of “Creep” by Radiohead, has won over fans of all genres because of his ability to maintain the song’s rock roots while bringing his own flavor through his singing and production. Ronnie is also extremely passionate about mentoring kids in his community. He understands the importance of education and hopes to inspire the next generation of singers and songwriters through sharing his talents.

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Ro James