Locnville Cape Town, South Africa

LCNVL (Locnville) have been South Africa's most successful pop act of the past 5 years selling over 100,000 albums, winning the SAMAs for Best Selling Album and Best Newcomer, touring the world playing alongside the likes of Taio Cruz, Mike Poser and Jason Derulo, and have had their music featured in ads by huge brands like MTN, Playstation, Supersport and featured on EA's top selling FIFA game.

According to LCNVL, it's a new and fresh sound for them that reflects some of their personal music tastes and a lot of Trap influence. All of their new stuff is organic and off the cuff - it's fresh. LCNVL did a lot of improvising on the new tracks, which really comes through in the recording. Keep it dialed for more from these skilled South Africans!


"Monster headphones are without a doubt our first choice when producing a new track or mixing. The sound is real - all the highs, mids and lows are there, and you can pump it up proper loud without any distortion. "