Fake Your Own Death San Francisco, CA

You don’t have to die to start your life all over again, but you might have to pretend to. The members of Fake Your Own Death are constantly reinventing their sound, their vision and the Mission District art scene that they call home.

Starting over again seems to be the mantra in the band’s album, “Invisible and Bulletproof,” which came out in March 2012 where it was featured on the iTunes Alternative home page for two weeks. The music sounds fresh, vital, earnest, vintage and honest. Lead singer, Terry Ashkinos (formerly of SF indie sensation Elephone), built this band around a belief that there are still questions to be explored in art and rock’n’roll. After writing a hand full of songs, Terry surrounded himself with close friends and inspired SF musicians and together they immediately started creating emotional music and performing explosive, heart felt shows. Described as literary, brutal and infectious, FYOD has been compared to bands like Echo and the Bunnymen, The Arcade Fire, Sonic Youth and Interpol by both local and national press. The band is a staple on multiple SF radio stations and have played several sold out shows as main support for Hockey, The Warlocks, You Say Party We Say Die, Admiral Radley, Bob Mould, The Velveteen, Film School, White Denim, The Trail of the Dead, White Arrows, The Frail and more.


"We used to plow through guitar cables on the road because they would constantly start to fail after being kicked, tweaked, smashed or soaked in a puddle of beer. Once we made the upgrade to Monster cables that stopped happening because Monster cables never fail."

Fake Your Own Death

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