Alysha Brilla Toronto, Canada

Alysha Brillinger is a dynamic singer and songwriter. Her jazz and fado influences create a rich story through her music. This half Tanzanian half Canadian songwriter plays a number of instruments and performs on both guitar and piano.

Alysha Brillinger’s music takes you to the ocean side where each song was plucked from the romantic imagination of an Afro-influenced songstress. When not touring, Alysha can be heard fronting The Brilltones at Toronto’s premiere Jazz & Blues venue, The Reservoir Lounge, every Thursday night. Also a resident on the airwaves of Candadian TV channel Showcase’s “King”, she is the featured vocalist with her voice and songs on every episode. Brillinger was featured this year at the Toronto Jazz Festival and The Montreal International Jazz Festival. Winner of the 2011 Leading Edge Arts Award, Brillinger currently has her first official release, “Brilla” on iTunes, through her own label Sunny Jam Records.

"My guitar is an extension of myself and the way I share that with audiences is by being plugged in. It’s important to have a cable I trust and feel confident carrying around with me for years at a time. Monster cables are awesome; you really can't find a higher quality cable. I also use the Diamond Tears headphones and they are just stellar. They look unique which, as an artist, I’m really drawn to. They also sound amazing which, as a musician, is my main priority."

Alysha Brilla