You Are Who Your Friends Are

Being a Monster Musician Means...

It means you follow the path your dreams take you even when you don't know exactly where it leads. It means you do whatever it takes to get the music you hear in your mind out to the world. It means that whether you're a superstar with a tour bus the size of Connecticut or a club cowboy with a 20-year-old rusted-out minivan, you take your music as seriously as brain surgery. Maybe more.

Monster has music in its DNA. The Head Monster, Noel Lee, turned his back on a young, Chinese-American engineer's dream job – laser-fusion design engineer at California's Lawrence-Livermore Laboratory - to hit the road as a drummer with a promising rock group. When it didn't take him where he wanted to go he put his technology expertise, audio passion and obsession with excellence into the kind of technology that makes music sound the best it can be. And that was just the opening act.