M850 High Performance Subwoofer Cable

Maximum Bass Response
Premium subwoofer cable for movie and music enthusiasts who demand the best from their home theater music system. Features exclusive TriPole™ construction and high-density triple-layer sh

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20 ft. Subwoofer Cable - 6.10 m.

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Monster® M850 High Performance Subwoofer Cable
Maximize your system
For deep, articulate bass from your AV receiver’s Low Frequency Effects (LFE) channel, invest in a cable specially designed for low-frequency signals and subwoofers: M Series M850SW.
Exclusive M Series® Construction 
M850SW features advanced Monster® technologies, including exclusive TriPole™ construction. With three solid-core conductors, twisted in a unique helical configuration, Tripole delivers deep, tightly focused bass with optimum clarity. High-density triple-layer shielding for maximum rejection of low-frequency interference. Reduces subwoofer noise, so Dolby Digital® and DTS® processors deliver bass with greater power, precision, and detail.
Experience Music and Movie Magic
An advanced HDPE dielectric ensures ultra-low attenuation and maximum signal strength. Precision MicroFiber® insulation, wound around select low-frequency conductors, delivers superior internal noise rejection. Precision Y-adapter with 24k gold contacts accurately splits and transfers the audio signal for stereo subwoofer hookup.