M850I High Performance Stereo Audio Cable

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Premium stereo audio cable for serious audiophiles who demand the best from their audio systems. Features two way Time Correct® multi-gauge wire networks and PEX™ dielectric for smooth, e

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8 ft. pair - 2.44 m. RCA Audio Cable

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This product has been Discontinued

Monster® M8501 High Performance Stereo Audio Cable
Stereo Audio for Critical Listeners
M850I is a truly neutral cable, capturing all the fine detail in your high-fidelity recordings, from the lush shimmer of an acoustic guitar to the complex overtones of a bass drum.
Ultimate Tonal Balance
MultiTwist™ windings minimize intertransient noise, while Bandwidth Balanced® conductors optimize the cable’s magnetic fields for exceptional sonic accuracy. Two-Way Time Correct® wire networks separately guide low, mid and high frequencies for accurate phase and amplitude signal response. 
M Series®: The Pinnacle of Design and Construction
An advanced PEX™ dielectric ensures ultra-low attenuation and maximum signal strength, while precision MicroFiber® insulation on select conductors rejects internal noise for faster transients and deep articulate bass. Heavy-duty shell and patented 10-cut Turbine® connector with 24k gold contacts optimizes signal transfer and corrosion resistance for a lifetime of reliability.