M1000 High Resolution Digital Coaxial Cable

Maximum Digital Signal Transfer

The most advanced M Series® Digital Coaxial Cable for movie and music enthusiasts who demand precision surround sound. Features high-velocity silver-coated conductor and premium ultra high-density quad-layer s

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4 ft. Digital Coaxial Cable - 1.22 m

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This product has been Discontinued

Monster® M1000 High Resolution Digital Coaxial Cable
Smoother, Natural Digital Audio
For the most accurate transmission of the digital bit stream and total enjoyment of movies and music, choose the cable audiophiles trust: M1000DCX Digital Coaxial.
M Series® Silver Digital™ 
Premium silver-coated copper conductor for extra wide bandwidth out to 1 GHz and ultra-low bit error. Exclusive nitrogen gas-injected dielectric maximizes signal strength. For reduction of digital emissions, Monster bonds the dielectric to a foil shield and high-density copper braid, wrapped in a second shield and braid for maximum rejection of noise and hum.
Premium Design and Construction 
To reduce distortion and maximize signal transfer at the connection point, M1000DCX features advanced patented Turbine® connectors with corrosion-resistant 24k gold contacts and 12 individually cut contact points. Flexible for reduced wear and tear, there’s not a more reliable, massive connection on the market.