M1000 High Definition Component Video Cable

Maximized Video Signal

The most advanced M Series® Component Video Cable for serious movie enthusiasts who demand the best from their high-definition home theater. Features high-velocity silver-coated center con

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8 ft. Component Video - 2.44 m.

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Monster® M1000 High Definition Component Video Cable

Precision High Definition Video

High definition (up to 1080p) means detail, but even so-called “high-performance” cables are prone to signal loss for inaccurate transmission of video signals. M1000CV Component Video features M Series most advanced technologies for HD picture with accuracy and visual impact.

M Series® Exclusive Silver Video®

Certified for optimum performance by the prestigious Imaging Science Foundation, M1000CV enables a night at the movies any day. Silver coating on all three component video conductors (Y, PB, PR) ensures exceptional high-frequency control and ultra-low attenuation for stunning detail, hue and color saturation. An advanced nitrogen gas-injected dielectric maximizes velocity of propagation for maximum signal strength and precise 75-ohm impedance.

M Series®: The Pinnacle of Technology and Design

For optimum rejection of EM and RF interference, Component Video M1000CVboasts ultra high-density quad-layer shielding—consisting of an aluminized Mylar® foil shield and tightly woven copper braids. Monster’s patented 12-cut Turbine® connector with 24k gold contacts delivers a massive corrosion-resistant connection for ultra-low signal distortion.