HP Monster® Digital PowerCenter™ 450 Computer Power Surge Protector - Refurbished*

The Digital PowerCenter™ 450 Computer Power Surge Protector features exclusive Dual Mode™ to protect your computer equipment – and the data stored on it – from dangerous surges and spikes. Surge-protected connections for coax, p

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12 Outlets, 1 Pr. Coax , Phone, Netw

This product has been Discontinued


Protect Your Computer Power and Equipment Plus the Valuable Data Stored on It
Common power surges and spikes can occur many times a day and can easily damage or destroy your delicate computer equipment. Even worse, you could lose important data if computer power is corrupt, including your digital photos, music, videos, and critical documents.

Dual Mode™ Surge Protector
The HP Monster Digital PowerCenter™ 450 provides exclusive Dual Mode surge protection to keep your computer, monitor, printer, and other equipment safe from even the most harmful power surges and spikes. It automatically disconnects your connected equipment when it detects dangerous power conditions. For complete system protection, the 450G also has surge-protected coax, phone, and network connections.

Complete Computer Power Protection
With a 5000 Joule rating, this computer power surge protector has one of the highest protection ratings available. Monster Power keeps you, your connected gear, safe from damaging power surges.

*May not include original packaging*