High Performance Micro USB Cable

This tangle free Micro USB is the universal connection for almost all of today's ultra-compact portable electronics. It offers better conductivity for up to 30% faster charging than conventional cables. This micro USB downloads data fast and speeds up

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1.5 ft. High Speed USB A to Micro B

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Speed Up Digital Living with High Speed Micro USB
These days, portable electronics, smartphones, and digital music players are an important part of your life. Many of today's ultra-compact electronics feature smaller Micro USB connections. Our Monster® Digital Life™ Micro USB cable is a high-speed connection for reliable full speed data transfer*. It also delivers high power for rapid charging of your devices.
Clutter-free Laptop Bag Storage
Avoid the bird's nest and go short! The tangle-free, 6-inch Monster High Speed Micro USB cable is the perfect way to unclutter your laptop bag.
Monster Provides Faster Charging Than Ordinary Cables
Monster cable construction provides better conductivity for up to 30% faster charging than conventional cables, allowing faster data transfer. That means you can spend less time charging and more time digital livin’. Heavy-duty dual-layer shielding rejects electrical interference.
*Independently verified data transfer rate of 800 Mbps