High Performance Video Adapter MKII

Next gen high-performance Male DVI to Female HDMI® Adapter connects HDMI-capable components with an HDMI cables to a DVI components. Makes adding new digital video sources, like Blu-ray Disc™/HD DVD™, to your system easy and convenient. Fe

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Male DVI to Female HDMI

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1080p Certified CableHigh Performance Connection Between Female DVI components and Male HDMI Cables Made Easy
HDMI, the new standard in high-definition digital audio/videois compatible with the industry’s other leading digital video connection,DVI*. So if you have DVI components or display in your system and buy a newHDMI-capable component, compatibility is guaranteed. All you needis the right adapter. Monster’s Male DVI to Female HDMI® MKII Adapter makes it easy to enjoy the ultra-high definition video HDMI delivers (including 1080p video from HDMI-capable sources with HDMI cable, like Blu-ray Disc™/HD DVD™ players and PlayStation® 3) to existing DVI-capable displays and components. This highest-quality adapter features an advanced design includes corrosion-resistant 24k gold contacts, silver-coated copper conductors and oversized PowerScrews® for ultra-secure connection that’s easy to remove/install. It's the fastest and easiest way to “adapt” your HDMI and DVI components.*DVI does NOT transmit audio. Though HDMI format is a transmitter of audio/video, DVI format transmits video only, so audio signal from HDMI components will be lost when run through adapter. Audio signal must be routed through alternative wires.