HDMI™ 550HD Standard Speed HDMI Cable

Standard performance HDMI™ cable with a cable bandwidth of 2.23 Gbps*, ideal for first-generation HDTVs, progressive scan DVD players, and cable/satellite receivers. Experience the convenience of an all-in-one audio/video hookup, plus thrilling

$49.95 $79.95 MSRP

2 m. length - 6.56 ft.

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This product has been Discontinued

All-in-One Digital Video and Audio Cable for High Definition
Picture, Full Digital Sound, and Ultimate Ease of Hookup
Advanced Monster® Technologies and Construction
for High Definition and High Value
HDTVs come in a variety of sizes and resolutions, from small 720p LCDs for second rooms to large 1080p plasmas for advanced home theaters. To experience the best from smaller, entry-level HDTVs, but also be ready for the next level of high definition, choose Monster Cable® 550HD. It delivers thrilling high definition picture and sound at a price that fits your HDTV and budget.
The All-in-one HD video and digital surround sound connection
HDMI™ is both the easiest, and the best, all-in-one connection for high definition video and full digital surround sound. 
Monster 500HD features advanced construction you won’t find on other HDMI™ cables. DoubleHelix™ construction maximizes signal strength for crisp, clear 720p/1080i video. Plus, rugged, fully shielded connectors ensure long-lasting durability, so your 550HD delivers the same stunning HD picture and sound today and tomorrow.
Your Monster Advanced cable for HDMI is covered by the Monsters Live Forever Full Lifetime Warranty—the best warranty in the business. See packaging for full details
* Gbps results are based on testing of 2 meter cable lengths under unequalized worst case conditions. Actual Gbps rates may vary.
All-in-one digital HDMI cable for 1080p high definition video and lossless digital audio
Independently verified high speed data transfer rate of 4.95 Gbps 
Supports 8-bit color and 60Hz screen refresh rate
Supports Dolby® and DTS-HD™ 5.1/7.1 uncompressed surround sound
Heavy-duty triple-layer shielding rejects electrical interference
Ships Internationally