Fiber Optic 250dfo Advanced Performance Audio Cable

Digital Fiber Optic 250DFO Improved Performance Cable
Improved performance digital audio cable for connecting DVD players and cable/satellite receivers to surround sound AV receivers. Specially tuned optical fiber reduces dispersio



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This product has been Discontinued

Connect DVD Player, Cable/Satellite Receiver and More for Improved Performance of Surround Sound Components
Enjoy the excitement of digital surround sound without distortion or jitter with Monster Cable® Digital Fiber Optic 250 DFO. Exclusive Monster technologies deliver accurate surround sound signal to Dolby® Digital and DTS® AV receivers in one easy connection.

Advanced Cable Construction for Durability and Improved Performance
Monster 250DFO also has specially tuned optical fiber to reduce dispersion and deliver clear, detailed sound. Heavy-duty strain relief and molded connectors provide durability and protect the cable from wear when it's being installed or removed. Get improved performance from your surround sound components with Monster 250DFO.